Analyze your community’s health with population data in this high-demand career

The emerging field of health analytics extracts valuable insights from population data using statistical analysis and data management techniques to understand the health of your community and proactively plan for its future health care needs. 
With a focus on evidence-based decision-making, you’ll develop expertise in programming, statistics, and data visualization. You’ll gain the skills to collect, organize, and analyze complex datasets, identifying patterns and trends. Through critical thinking and problem-solving exercises,  networking, and industry speakers, you’ll be equipped to work as a member of an interdisciplinary health analytics team and earn a rewarding career bridging data analysis and health care outcomes. 

Program highlights

  • Online (HyFlex) delivery lets you study full-time or part-time with the option to attend classes on campus, online, or a combination of both 
  • Capstone project in the final semester 
  • Tools include ArcGIS, Microsoft Office and Excel, Power BI, Python programming, R statistics, and SQL database 
  • Networking opportunities through workshops, community engagements, co-curricular activities, and guest speakers

Program of study for 2024-25 Academic Year 

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
ANA 1000 Foundations of Data Analytics 3
ANA 1001 Programming for Analytics 4
DBA 1000 Structured Data Management 4
EXL 1002 Dashboards and Data Analysis 3
HEA 1031 Canadian Health System - Ethical, Legislation, and Regulatory Considerations 3
QMM 1001 Statistics for Data Analytics 4
Semester 2
BTA 1013 Communicating with Data 3
GIS 1025 GIS Mapping 2
HEA 1032 Health Data Acquisition & Management 3
HEA 1035 Data Mining for Health Analyst 3
HEA 1041 Applications of Health Data 3
HEA 1044 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
QMM 1002 Stats and Data Visualization 4
Semester 3
ANA 1010 Analytics Capstone 6
 Total Credits48

Part-time students will be provided with a pathway to complete this program on a part-time basis.

Admission requirements

Applicants must be graduates of a diploma, advanced diploma, or degree program from an Ontario College or equivalent.


Applicant must possess five years of work experience in a related field (or combination of education and work experience) as judged by the College to be equivalent. Applicants must submit a resume detailing their related experience and a cover letter outlining their competencies and preparedness for the program (any and all postsecondary transcripts must still be submitted).

Additional admission requirements


  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Any grade 12 mathematics (C) or (U) (MCT4C is highly recommended)
    • Students who do not possess the foundational math will need to take the bridging course/s prior to registration. Please contact the program coordinator to discuss upgrading options.

Program delivery


Fall term start

SEMESTER 1:  Fall 2024
SEMESTER 2:  Winter 2025
SEMESTER 3:  Spring 2025

Specific program pathways

College or university degree opportunities  

If you are a graduate of this program, you may continue your studies at a college or university and you may receive credit(s) for your prior college education. Refer to Cambrian's college and university agreement details for further information. 

Employment opportunities

Graduates may work as data analysts, clinical analysts, project managers, software developers, privacy officers, implementation coordinators, data scientists, business intelligence consultants, decision support specialists, and consultants in IT departments in hospitals, medical software companies, research or educational institutions and health informatics clinics.

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