Unlock your world by getting comfortable with the English language. 

Improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and partake in the world around you. With this flexible learning program, you’ll upgrade your English skills to a level required for academic studies. You’ll combine classroom activities with off-campus excursions and dive into the English language and Canadian culture.  
The program varies from four to 10 months, depending on your language abilities. Your English skills are assessed at the intake, and you are placed at a level that is appropriate for your language proficiency.  When you reach the final level, you can earn General Education course credits and apply to enter regular programs at Cambrian College, including Graduate Certificate programs provided you have the other Admission Requirements for the program.  

Program highlights

  • Varies from four to 10 months, depending on language skills 
  • Small class sizes  
  • Conversation circles, field trips, and social outings 
  • Access to tutors, workshops, and academic success advisors  
  • Pathway to college or university studies in Canada  

Program of study for 2024-25 Academic Year 

Students may be assessed with advanced standing and start at a higher level.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
ESL 1014 Oral Communication for Academic Purposes I 6
ESL 1015 Canadian Perspectives I 2
ESL 1016 Introduction to Computer Applications 2
ESL 1022 EAP Reading I 6
ESL 1023 EAP Writing I 7
Semester 2
ESL 1017 Reading for Academic Purposes II 6
ESL 1018 Writing for Academic Purposes II 6
ESL 1019 Oral Communication for Academic Purposes II 6
ESL 1020 Canadian Perspectives II 3
ESL 1021 Student Success for Higher Learning 2
 Total Credits46

The above courses are delivered in a condensed format in two 7-week blocks per semester.

Admission requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent from home country. Applicants with an OSSD showing senior English and/or mathematics courses at the Basic Level, or with Workplace or Open courses, will be tested to determine their eligibility for admission, OR

  • Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) certificate, OR
  • General Educational Development (GED) certificate, OR
  • Mature student status (19 years of age or older and without a high school diploma at the start of the program). Eligibility may be determined by academic achievement testing.

A language placement test is required. 

Program delivery


Spring term start

SEMESTER 1: Spring 2024
SEMESTER 2: Fall 2024


Fall term start

SEMESTER 1:  Fall 2024
SEMESTER 2: Winter 2025

Winter term start

SEMESTER 1: Winter 2025
SEMESTER 2: Spring 2025

Spring term start

SEMESTER 1: Spring 2025
SEMESTER 2: Fall 2025

Employment opportunities

Graduates of the General Arts and Science - English for Academic Purposes program are able to communicate effectively in Canadian educational and workplace environments, leading to various academic and employment opportunities.

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