In order to satisfy the breadth requirements stipulated by the Post Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board, all Degree programs must include degree breadth elective courses.  These elective courses are intended to encourage you to explore a broad range of personal and societal topics and to develop self-understanding as well as critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.  The degree breadth electives will help you in your future vocation in that they are intended to help you meet the changing demands of working and living in Canada’s ever-changing and diverse society. 

Depending on the program, you may need to take a specific number of lower-level and upper-level courses, as well as a combination from the following categories: Humanities, Global Cultures, Sciences and Social Sciences.

See the Program of Study page for breadth elective requirements for your specific degree program.

Cambrian's Degree Breadth Elective Roster

Students enrolled in a degree program at Cambrian College can choose from the following roster of breadth electives.

COM 1901Business Communication3
ENG 1920Advanced Writing and Rhetoric3
ENG 1921Contemporary Eng Literature3
SOC 1901Introduction to Popular Culture3
SOC 3901Cultural Theory and Criticism3
SOC 3903Diversity in Canadian Society3
Global Cultures
IND 1901Intro to Indigenous Studies3
IND 3901Truth and Reconciliation3
ENV 1901Intro to Environmental Science3
Social Sciences
PSY 1901Principles of Psychology3
PSY 3900Concurrent Disorders3
SOC 1902Principles of Sociology3
SOC 3902Dimensions Social Inequality3
SOC 3904Social Psychology3

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