Hone your engineering and chemistry skills to design better chemical products. 

Learn to extract valuable metals from rock, develop new and improved fuels, create the next generation of pharmaceuticals, or operate chemical processes in nuclear plants by training as a chemical technologist in the mining capital of Canada. 

You’ll build your knowledge and skills in the only lab and process control program in the province that focuses on mineral processing and pyrometallurgy methodologies used in the mining industry, as well as water and wastewater treatment methods and regulations. You’ll complete two paid co-op work terms that give you real-world, résumé-building experience. Grads are prepared to work in mineral processing, geochemistry, nuclear, petroleum, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries. 

Program highlights

  • 2 paid co-ops 
  • Common first and second year with Cambrian’s Chemical Engineering Technician program 
  • Grads are eligible to join the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists (OACETT) and the Canadian Technical Employment Network (CTEN) 
  • Unique program in Ontario that focuses on mineral processing, pyrometallurgy, and water/wastewater 

Program of study for 2024-25 Academic Year 

Students are required to successfully complete an online Lab Safety course (in Moodle) when starting their program at Cambrian.  This course must be completed prior to entering the labs (as identified in the table below) in the Schools of Skills Training, Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
MTH 1050 Algebra I 3
QUA 1002 Quality Assurance and Quality Control 3
CHM 1160 Occupational Health and Safety 3
CHM 1161 Introduction to Sampling Techniques 3
CHM 1162 Chemistry I 3
CHM 1163 Chemistry I Lab 3
ENG 1002 College Communications 3
Semester 2
MTH 1250 Algebra II 3
CHM 1280 Physical Chemistry 3
CHM 1281 Physical Chemistry Lab 3
CHM 1282 Chemistry II 3
CHM 1283 Chemistry II Lab 3
CHM 1284 QA QC Data Analysis 3
ENG 1754 Technical Communication 3
One General Education Course 2 3
Semester 3
CHM 1109 Mineral Processing 1 4
CHM 1300 Analytical Chemistry I 3
CHM 1301 Analytical Chemistry I Lab 3
CHM 1302 Instrumental Analysis I 3
CHM 1303 Instrumental Analysis I Lab 3
WTR 2300 Water Treatment 1 3
One General Education Course. 2 3
Semester 4
CHM 1420 Organic Chemistry 3
CHM 1421 Organic Chemistry Lab 3
CHM 1422 Analytical Chemistry II 3
CHM 1423 Analytical Chemistry II Lab 3
CHM 1424 Instrumental Analysis II 3
CHM 1425 Instrumental Analysis II Lab 3
CHM 1426 Pyrochemistry 4
One General Education Course 2 3
Semester 5
CHM 2500 Co-op Work Placement and Report 12
Semester 6
CHM 3653 Inorganic Chemistry 1 3
CHM 1600 Unit Operations and Calculations 4
CHM 1601 Industrial Organic Chemistry 3
CHM 1602 Industrial Organic Chemistry Lab 3
TEC 3603 Capstone Project 3
INT 1500 Lab and Process Automation 4
MTH 2332 Applied Calculus 3
One General Education Course. 2 3
Semester 7
CHM 3700 Co-op Work Placement and Report II 12
 Total Credits142

 Course with Lab Component


For more information regarding General Education courses, click here.

Admission requirements

For graduates of the new curriculum (OSS): Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or equivalent or mature student status, including:

  • Any grade 12 English (C) or (U)
  • Any grade 12 mathematics (C) or (U) (MCT4C) is highly recommended)
  • Any grade 11 chemistry (U) or grade 12 chemistry (C) or (U)

Additional admission requirements


  • Any grade 12 physics (C) or (U)

Program Delivery


Fall term start

SEMESTER 1:  Fall 2024
SEMESTER 2:  Winter 2025
SEMESTER 3:  Fall 2025
SEMESTER 4:  Winter 2026
SEMESTER 5:  Spring 2026
SEMESTER 6:  Fall 2026
SEMESTER 7:  Winter 2027

Winter term start

SEMESTER 1:  Winter 2025
SEMESTER 2:  Spring 2025
SEMESTER 3:  Fall 2025
SEMESTER 4:  Winter 2026
SEMESTER 5:  Spring 2026
SEMESTER 6:  Fall 2026
SEMESTER 7:  Winter 2027

Specific program pathways

College or university degree opportunities  

If you are a graduate of this program, you may continue your studies at a college or university and you may receive credit(s) for your prior college education. Refer to Cambrian's college and university agreement details for further information. 

Employment opportunities

Graduates are prepared for employment opportunities as:

  • Lab Technologist in Mineral Processing, Geochemistry, Nuclear, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries
  • Water and Wastewater Analyst/Operator
  • Researcher
  • Chemical Process Control Operator

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