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Students in this program will develop the knowledge and skills to negotiate prices and work out contracts for companies who provide services or manufacture or sell goods.

Students will also learn to research quality, price, reliability, and other important factors in examining potential suppliers, with emphasis on operations and supply chain management practices and processes. 


OSSD or Mature Student Status

If you are interested in completing the entire certificate program, please click here to sign up prior to registering for your courses.  See Program of Study or Course Delivery tabs to register for individual courses.

Graduation Timelines

Students can complete the Certificate of Completion in as little as one semester.  They are usually expected to complete their certificate within 60 months.

Other Important Information

Please see our resources page OR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for information regarding important dates, books, exams etc.


Certificate Requirements

In order to obtain the Certificate of Completion, the following courses must be completed:

SCM 1001Inventory and Materials Management3
SCM 1004Warehousing and Distribution Center Management3
SCM 1006Strategic Sourcing4



Tuition and Ancillary Fees

The total domestic tuition fees for each course is listed below.

CourseCreditsDomestic TuitionAncillary FeesTotal Domestic Fees
SCM 10013 credits$263.76$68.04$331.80
SCM 10043 credits$263.76$68.04$331.80
SCM 10064 credits$351.68$90.72$442.40

Please see our fees page for the breakdown of tuition and mandatory ancillary fees for Part-time studies.

The asterix (*) denotes courses that are delivered through Ontario Learn and are subject to an additional $95.96 fee per course.  This fee is already calculated in the ancillary fees and total fees listed above.

Important Note: The tuition above denotes domestic tuition fees only.  International applicants should contact Pathways or Continuing Education for further information regarding the admissions process.

Course Delivery

The table below details course offerings over the current and next academic year.

Course2021-22 Academic Year2022-23 Academic Year
SCM 1001 - 3 creditsMAYJANUARY
SCM 1004 - 3 creditsMAYJANUARY
SCM 1006- 4 creditsMAYJANUARY

All courses are delivered online asynchronously.  Your professor shares learning resources and activities with you in a flexible way.  You are not expected to attend a class or login to your materials at a specific day or time.  You will, however, be responsible for meeting all course requirements, dates and deadlines as posted within the syllabus.

Although most courses have offerings in September, January and May, additional intakes may be offered monthly, please see the course registration page for specific intake dates.

Important Note: Cambrian College reserves the right to cancel the offering of courses in certain terms.  Please refer to your registration page for current semester options.


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