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Ontario College Diploma | 4 semesters | Barrydowne

After an introduction to basic work practices and training on the proper use of hand tools, pneumatic tools, and shop equipment, you will learn how to diagnose and perform quality repairs for the various sub-systems of vehicles, including:

  • Computer systems
  • Emissions systems
  • Braking systems
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Drive train systems
  • Steering and suspension systems
  • Power train control systems
  • And more

Courses will be a 50/50 split between hands-on and classroom training.

Special focus will be placed on electrical systems and electronic components throughout the program while performing service and or diagnostic repairs according to manufactures procedures.

Program Highlights

  • 2 year – 4 semesters
  • Courses delivered 50% in the classroom and 50% in a shop environment
  • Hands-on training in our fully-functioning automotive shop where you’ll conduct service repairs on all sub-systems found on today's modern vehicles
  • As a graduate, you’ll have completed apprenticeship theory levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Educational partnership with ConsuLab

Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program Option

The Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program combines a college diploma and apprenticeship training. The placement for this program is an optional co-op and is not required for you to graduate. You can choose to complete your postsecondary program and graduate with a certificate or diploma without participating in the co-op option. However, if you choose, and qualify, to participate in this optional Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program, you may become a registered apprentice sponsored by your co-op employer. Through your participation in this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in paid co-op placements while earning a college certificate or diploma. Your academic curriculum, which enables you to receive Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Trade School completion from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development after each successful year of schooling, will be enhanced by the experiences from your co-op placements.

Capped Enrolment

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How to Apply

Skills and Trades Training

Admission Requirements

For graduates of the new curriculum (OSS): Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or equivalent or mature student status, including:

  • any grade 12 English (C), (U), or (M)
  • any grade 11 mathematics (C), (U), or (M)


  • Automotive-related courses

Program Delivery


This program will be delivered in the following terms:

Winter Term Start

  1. SEMESTER 1 Winter 2019
  2. SEMESTER 2 Summer 2019
  3. SEMESTER 3 Fall 2019
  4. SEMESTER 4 Winter 2020


This program will be delivered in the following terms:

Fall Term Start

  1. SEMESTER 1 Fall 2019
  2. SEMESTER 2 Winter 2020
  3. SEMESTER 3 Fall 2020
  4. SEMESTER 4 Winter 2021

Winter Term Start

  1. SEMESTER 1 Winter 2020
  2. SEMESTER 2 Summer 2020
  3. SEMESTER 3 Fall 2020
  4. SEMESTER 4 Winter 2021

For specific term start/end dates and other key dates/deadlines, please see the Academic Schedule on our website.

Program of Study

Students are required to successfully complete an online Lab Safety course (in Moodle) when starting their program at Cambrian.  This course must be completed prior to entering the labs (as identified in the table below) in the Schools of Skills Training, Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
APP 1101 Trades Practice & Applications I 1 6
DTS 1141 Drive Train Systems I 1 5
MTH 1205 Computer Methods - Trades Software 1 2
SSB 1151 Steering/Suspension/Brakes I 1 6
ENG 1002 College Communications 3
Semester 2
ELC 1217 Electrical & Electronics I 1 6
FLS 1000 Basic Fuel System & Fuel Manag 1 7
MOT 1000 Gas Engines I 1 5
The following General Education course: 3
Personal Finance  
Semester 3
APP 1000 Repairer s Rights and Responsibilities 1 2
ELC 2303 Electrical Systems & Electronics 1 8
ENG 1780 Applied Communication II 2
MOT 1002 Gas Engines II 1 3
PWT 2305 Power Train Controls II 1 4
One of the following General Education courses: 3
Negotiation & Labour Relations  
Rock Music, Culture & Technology  
Psychology of Evil  
Issues and Ethics in Science  
Semester 4
DTS 2401 Drive Train System II 1 5
EFI 2401 Electronic Fuel Injection Systems 1 5
ICE 1000 Air Conditioning Systems 4RS 1 4
PRS 1430 Personal Relations Skill & Attitude 1 2
SSB 1411 Steering/Suspension/ABS Brakes 1 4
One of the following General Education course: 3
Negotiation & Labour Relations  
Rock Music, Culture & Technology  
Psychology of Evil  
Issues and Ethics in Science  
 Total Credits88


Tuition and Ancillary Fees

Please see our fees page for the breakdown of tuition and mandatory ancillary fees by program and semester for both domestic and international students

Books & Supplies

The cost of books and supplies for Year 1 is approximately $3,000. We now have a tool rental program to help reduce costs...This is the best information available at the time of publishing to the website and is subject to change.

Graduate Options

Employment Opportunities

Graduates may find employment as:

  • General automotive service technicians

  • Specialty technicians (e.g., electrical/driveability, transmission)

  • Service advisors/consultants

  • Automotive parts/retail salespersons

  • Manufacturing/fabricating/custom work employees

College/University Degree Opportunities

Graduates from this program may continue their studies at college/university and may receive credit for their prior College education.

Refer to College/University Agreements for further information.

Please note: Cambrian College strives to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. Please note that the academic curriculum is continually reviewed and revised to ensure that Cambrian's programs and courses remain relevant. The College reserves the right to cancel or make changes to any course or program, fee, procedure, or campus location at any time.

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