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WES 1240   Communication in Small Groups II   Credits: 3

In this course, students will be involved in a highly experiential process that maximizes the classroom as a laboratory to develop the learner's self-awareness of effective communication. This learning will encompass communicating in dyads, as well as small and large groups. Emphasis is placed on building relationships through effective communication, making an effort to understand others without judging, and entering the worldview of others. Students will explore their awareness of self and others, they will recognize and modify their own physical and verbal communication styles, they will develop an understanding of how they interact with others, and they will increase their awareness of the effects of emotions, values and personal experiences in shaping our interpretations of information. The major emphasis is placed on three specific interpersonal growth concepts: immediacy, self-confrontation and assertion, that enhance awareness of self and others. Given that the learning outcomes of this course specify group interaction, demonstration of skills, and observing others, students must attend no less than 60% of classes in order to be successful in this course. As the skills learned in this course build on each other as a process, students are expected to attend ALL classes to maximize chances of success.

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