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WES 1110   Social Work Practice I   Credits: 4

In this course, students will be introduced to the concept of the Social Services Worker as an agent of change. The basic skills of attending and responding will be presented. Students will learn to demonstrate respect, warmth and genuineness in a one-to-one helping relationship. The ability to enter into the other's frame of reference will be the focus. The process of learning how to counsel involves many different experiences. In the course students will become involved in the examination of self and personal agenda as a way of defining a professional Social Services Worker paradigm. Students will be invited to explore values, beliefs and behaviour, that impact on the development of their learning with regard to the helping skills. Given that the learning outcomes for this course require the skills and concepts to be developed and applied in the classroom, it is mandatory for learners to attend a minimum of 60% of classes, in order to attain a C level grade. Students must attend seminar to graduate.

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