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SCI 1000   Issues and Ethics in Science   Credits: 3

In this course, students will explore scientific and technological advancements and consider the issues and ethical concerns associated with these developments. The process of scientific change and its implications will be examined. Topics include: the environment, food and water, energy, technology, sports and health. Modern science and technological developments have made our lives healthier, more affluent and more convenient. These developments are directly responsible for the way Canadian society is built and functions today. While many scientific discoveries and inventions positively affect the human condition there are also many problems and negative aspects to these advancements - from social inequalities to environmental degradation. As scientific knowledge improves and technology advances, we as a society must be concerned with the basic ethics of human dignity and rights, and our interconnection with nature. Through a variety of learning experiences, such as applied activities, research, presentations and reflection; students will gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of scientific advancements.

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