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PRM 1004   Project Planning & Scheduling   Credits: 4

In this course, students will learn how to build realistic estimates of the time needed for a project, which involves planning a schedule, defining and sequencing activities, estimating activity resources and duration, developing and controlling the schedule. The key output of this course will be a schedule management plan that decomposes the project timing into a list of activities and milestones that can be properly sequenced based on factors like dependencies and leads and lags. Students will then learn to identify resources needed for each of these activities as well as how to estimate the activity’s duration using techniques like analogous, parametric and three-point estimating that will produce a schedule baseline. Students will then learn how to control this schedule baseline using performance reviews and resource optimization, to name a few. Finally, students will be applying time management concepts using a set of forms and reports so they can readily apply the practices described in the PMBOK® Guide to their real world projects.

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