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ELC 2335   Electrical Theory and Wiring III   Credits: 6

In this course, students will be introduced to the fundamental differences between AC and DC and the importance of terms like average, peak and RMS in an AC waveform. Students will be able to describe power factor in an electrical system and be able to analyze and calculate current, voltage, impedance and power in single phase RLC circuits. Students will also describe and explain insulation resistance and associated test equipment such as the "Megger" as well as describe and explain ground systems and earth ground test instruments. Students will continue to utilize the UWPC (Utility Work Protection Code) as it pertains to the Powerline trade. Students will study fundamentals related to single phase transformers and auto transformers. Students will study the fundamentals related to protection and coordination in an electrical system, underground distribution systems, underground primary splicing, load beak elbows and primary cable terminations.

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