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DSW 2495   Field Work IV   Credits: 8

In this course, students will continue to develop their skills in working with individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to function as a working team member in terms of increasing work assignment responsibility. Written assignments should reflect the high caliber of development expected prior to completion of the program. Students are expected to work the regularly scheduled hours of the placement site. Over an 8 week students must work between 7-8 hours per day over a 5 day period. Students are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and demonstrate acceptable standards of work ethic and comportment at all times as well as adhering to the Developmental Services Worker's Code of Ethics. Due to the vulnerability of the population being supported students must comply with all Cambrian College policies and procedures as well as the DSW placement policies and procedures. Where a students placement performance does not meet a satisfactory standard an appropriate investigation and corrective action must be taken in accordance to all policies and procedures. Students must successfully complete all of the requirements to pass this course. Students with a positive CPIC should be aware they may be refused by agencies for placement.
Prerequisites may be waived for advanced standing students with the permission of the Program Coordinator.

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