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DSW 1225   Crisis Management and Prevention   Credits: 3

In this course, students will examine issues in working with individuals with a disability. The course consists of two components. Component A: Students will examine issues associated with sexuality and sexuality education for individuals with a developmental disability and /or autism. Students will examine the history and prevalence of abuse issues within the disabled population. Students will learn how to identify signs of abuse as well as prevention strategies and how to support individuals who disclose they have been abused. Students will examine their legal responsibilities in reporting abuse as well as about the reporting cycle and dealing with the judicial system as an advocate. Component B: Students will be engaged in a closer examination of the cycle of behaviour as it applies to verbal and physical outbursts. Students will learn how to identify the different levels of verbal and physical acting out, how behaviour escalates, and how to respond at the least intrusive and most appropriate level while maintaining the safety, security and welfare of the individual, others in the environment, as well as themselves. Students will also learn how to apply the principles learned within a team setting. Safe strategies approved by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, for the redirection and containment of acting out behavior, will be learned. All students must successfully complete and be certified in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Prevention prior to beginning placement.
NOTE: Students must achieve a passing grade in each of Component A and Component B to successfully complete the course. Attendance for Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention is mandatory for certification. Students must achieve a passing grade in all elements of evaluation (Component B) to successfully to qualify for NCVP certification.

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