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DSW 1210   Community Employability Skills   Credits: 3

In this course, students will participate in activities designed to prepare them for employment readiness. Component A: Disability Legislation related to employment: This portion of the course prepares students to work within the legislative requirements related to employment from the perspective of the employer and persons experiencing life with disabilities. Component B - Reflective Practice: Students will engage in reflective practice based on assigned topics. Students will be expected to develop and complete a Professional Portfolio which will be utilized for job market entry and utilized during field placement sessions. Component C: The Lens of Disability and Supported Employment: Students will participate in a field related simulation which will aid them in understanding the challenges and difficulties facing individuals with a disability. This simulation will occur each week throughout the semester. In addition, students will learn about supported employment for individuals living with disabilities. The concept of supported employment is defined, its history is outlined, and the benefits to the individual participants, and to society at large are illustrated. The role of the Developmental Services Worker as an Employment Specialist is explored. Component D : Entrepreneurism - Students will gain a working knowledge on becoming an independent contractor and how to set up a business model utilizing community based resources.

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