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DSW 1024   Group Dynamics and Advocacy   Credits: 2

In this course, students will learn skills related to group Dynamics and Team Learning. An understanding of group dynamics is inherent in small group interaction. Using unstructured learning environments students will engage in intense group interactions to learn from one another. Students will be provided with plenty of opportunities to reflect upon their learning and communication styles and the impact they may have on others. The course will also explore various aspects of group dynamics such as power, perception, motivation, leadership and decision-making. You will experiment with and experience the relevance of several concepts related to group dynamics. The goal is to acquire a better judgment, understanding, and competence to be better facilitators of your own and others learning in a variety of situations. In addition, this course is an overview of advocacy for social change, as practiced in public and nonprofit organizations. Advocacy includes a broad range of activities which attempt to influence a specific policy, legislative, regulatory or implementation outcome. Developmental Services Professionals can play critical roles in the advocacy process, interpreting policy, issue development, community education, lobbying, legal actions, or creating an entire advocacy campaign. The purpose of this course is to deepen your understanding of advocacy tools, processes and models and help you to imagine how to utilize advocacy in your own practice. The course will cover: • Basic concepts and approaches to policy and legislative advocacy • Overview of different advocacy arenas and targets • Specific advocacy strategies and tools • Roles for nonprofit organizations in the advocacy process Students will learn and practice Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques and strategies, an evidenced based counselling modality, for working with individuals with autism and/or a developmental disability. In addition, students will be introduced to Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

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