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BIO 1000   Fungus Among Us   Credits: 3

In this course, students will identify common pathogens in the environment, how they spread and any treatments available by health care providers. Topics studied include Fungus, Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Treatments and implications seen in modern media along with medical practice. Through research, class discussions, and group activities students will gain a better understanding of how people fall ill and how disease impacts society and current events. Students will observe how factual information along with proper health practices may prevent spreading of illness in their environment. Every moment of every day, the body is continuously under attack by pathogens that are unseen even under the strongest microscope. For hundreds of years doctors and scientists have been at a constant arms race to help keep the body protected and safe from present and future attacks. But as our medicine evolves, so do the pathogens. Diseases which were once deemed cured are starting to show up in places all over our fragile planet. Improper health practices and false information displayed in media has shown to promote the spreading of Super Bugs throughout hospitals worldwide.

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