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ART 1106   Design Foundations I   Credits: 4

In this course, students will learn the Bauhaus "ideal" of the scientific and aesthetic principles behind clear visual communication. Design Foundations I is an exploratory investigation of design principles, including: Point, Line, Plane, Rhythm and Balance, Scale, Texture, Colour, Figure/Ground, Framing, Hierarchy, Layers, Transparency, Modularity, Grid, Pattern, and Diagram. The assignments are presented sequentially, building visual perception, language and literacy skills through three different subject areas: drawing and 2-D design (including colour theory).

HST 1106   Art History I   Credits: 3

In this course, students will explore the range of visual art from pre-historic times to the present. All artists must develop an awareness of the major aesthetic achievements of the past in order to situate their own and others' work in the historic continuum. Thus, with a particular concentration on the achievements of Western visual art, this course will focus on the major movements in art, their chronology, and their influence on succeeding generations of artists.

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