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ART 1021   Materials and Processes II   Credits: 3

In this course, students will continue to expand upon the understanding gained in semester three with a view to managing and adapting material use and processes over the course of the work cycle. While the student will have executed a clear and extensive study to estimate the costs and execution times of working with various mediums and the processes of progressive stages of the work cycle, emphasis will be placed on assessing progress and adapting to a variety of potential developments as their projects progress. This can include making informed changes in media and planned processes relative to time constraints, material availability and workability, and perhaps most importantly, in reaction to conceptual revelations which may present themselves during the course of execution. While thorough study and preparation is essential to successful completion of the work cycle, adaptability in relation to unforeseen challenges in process, and in reaction to conceptual developments which are revealed as work progresses is essential to keeping the process relevant and invigorating.

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