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Ontario College Diploma | 4 semesters | Barrydowne

If providing care and helping to improve the lives of others is your passion, consider a career as a registered practical nurse (RPN). Cambrian's program, which is accredited by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), offers you hands-on experience, smaller class sizes, and unique placement opportunities. You'll practice clinical skills in our high-tech nursing lab, help patients in Cambrian's fully operating medical clinic, and advance your skills by working alongside healthcare professionals in the community.

Program Highlights

  • 2 years – 4 semesters
  • 5 placements, including a 8-week clinical placement in semester four
  • Hands-on training in Cambrian's high-tech nursing labs
  • Graduates can apply to write the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) certification exam


Cambrian's program is currently approved (Category 1) by the College of Nurses of Ontario ( Current graduates from this program are eligible to apply for registration as a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario. 

Capped Enrolment

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How to Apply

Health Sciences, Nursing, and Emergency Services

Admission Requirements

For graduates of the new curriculum (OSS): Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or equivalent or mature student status, including:

  • Any grade 12 English (C), (U), or (M)
  • Any grade 11 or 12 biology (C) or (U)
  • Any grade 11 or 12 chemistry (C) or (U)
  • Any grade 11 or 12 mathematics (C), (U) or (M)

Please note: A minimum of 70% is required in each prerequisite course


  • Computer competency in relevant software

Note: Cambrian College's Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (PHPG) program is the designated preferred preparatory program for admission to Cambrian College's limited enrolment Health Sciences programs. Limited enrolment programs are identified within the detailed program descriptions. The minimum GPA and grades required for successful admission will be determined by the quality and quantity of the applicant pool.

Additional Requirements

  • Current Basic Cardiac Life Support Certificate Level (HCP) Health Care Provider (must be current for entire program)
  • Current Standard First Aid Certificate (must be current for entire program)
  • Mask testing (for N-95 mask)
  • Criminal record check
  • WHMIS certification Proof of immunization status at registration for the following:
  • Two-step TB test
  • Immunizations: Measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, polio
  • Current tetanus - diphtheria vaccination
  • Current influenza immunization (when available for season)
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • If born after 1970, must have 2 measles vaccinations
  • Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended but not require

Note: Criminal record check, influenza immunization, TB skin test ,WHMIS and Basic Cardiac Life Support certificates MUST be renewed on an annual basis - there is a fee required for these renewals. Proof of previous varicella infection (chickenpox) must be supplied if not immunized for this disease.


Program Delivery


This program will be delivered in the following terms:

Fall Term Start

  1. SEMESTER 1 Fall 2018
  2. SEMESTER 2 Winter 2019
  3. SEMESTER 3 Fall 2019
  4. SEMESTER 4 Winter 2020

For specific term start/end dates and other key dates/deadlines, please see the Academic Schedule on our website.

Program of Study

Semester 1Credits
BIO 1107Anatomy Physiology I 3
ENG 1121Research Writing/Health Sciences 3
PND 1001Technical Concepts Health Care 3
PND 1002Nursing Practice I 4
PND 1003Nursing Theory I 3
PND 1004Professional Growth I 3
PND 1105Human Relations 3
One of the following General Education courses:  3
Personal Finance 3
Health Wellness 3
 Term Credits: 25
Semester 2
BIO 1207Anatomy Physiology II 3
HEA 1062Ind Perspectives on Care 3
PND 1000Health Assessment 4
PND 1005Nursing Theory II 3
PND 1211Nursing Practice II 16
One of the following General Education courses:  3
Rock Music, Culture Technology 3
Thinking, Reasoning, Relating 3
 Term Credits: 32
Semester 3
BIO 1014Pathophysiology I 4
PND 1006Nursing Practice III 16
PND 1007Nursing Theory III 4
PND 1008Pharmacology I 3
PND 2325Professional Growth II 3
One of the following General Education courses:  3
Positive Psychology 3
Social Issues/Social Welfare in CA 3
 Term Credits: 33
Semester 4
BIO 1015Pathophysiology II 3
PND 1009Nursing Practice IV 16
PND 1010Nursing Theory IV 4
PND 1011Pharmacology II 3
PND 2426Nursing Practice V 16
 Term Credits: 42
 Total Credits: 132


Tuition and Ancillary Fees

Please see our fees page for the breakdown of tuition and mandatory ancillary fees by program and semester for both domestic and international students

Books & Supplies

The cost of books and supplies for Year 1 is approximately $2,000. This is the best information available at the time of publishing to the website and is subject to change.

Graduate Options

Employment Opportunities

Graduates may seek employment opportunities in:

  • Hospitals
  • Community
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Health care facilities, services, and programs

College/University Degree Opportunities

Graduates from this program may continue their studies at college/university and may receive credit for their prior College education.

Refer to College/University Agreements for further information.

Please note: Cambrian College strives to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. Please note that the academic curriculum is continually reviewed and revised to ensure that Cambrian's programs and courses remain relevant. The College reserves the right to cancel or make changes to any course or program, fee, procedure, or campus location at any time.

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