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Ontario College Certificate | 2 semesters | Barrydowne | Capped Enrolment

You will gain a solid foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of the electrical trade and become familiarized with the tools and materials used on the job. You will also learn how to effectively use the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Program Highlights
  • 1 year – 2 semesters
  • Co-op diploma apprenticeship option
  • Electrical lab features industry-standard 120/240 volt equipment
  • Hands-on wiring experience, interpreting electrical drawings/prints and working in AutoCAD
  • Graduates can continue into Cambrian's Electrical Engineering Technician and Technology programs
Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program Option

The placement for this program is an optional co-op and is not required for you to graduate from your regular postsecondary program. You can choose to complete your postsecondary program, and you can graduate with a diploma without participating in the co-op option. However, if you choose, and qualify, to participate in this optional Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program, you will become a registered apprentice sponsored by your co-op employer. Through your participation in this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in two paid co-op placements while earning a college diploma. The combination of your academic curriculum and the experience from the co-op placements enables you to receive completion from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for the first, second, and third levels of in-school apprenticeship training.

Capped Enrolment

Please note that possession of the requirements does not guarantee admission. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of places available in the program, the College reserves the right to select from among those applicants. All students applying by February 1 (for September start) will be given equal consideration. Preference will be given to Ontario residents. Please see the Limited Enrolment FAQs on our website under "How to Apply" for further details.

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How to Apply

Engineering Technology

Admissions Requirements

For graduates of the new curriculum (OSS): Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or equivalent or mature student status, including:

  • Any grade 12 English (C), (U) or (M)
  • Any grade 12 mathematics (C) or (U) (MCT4C is highly recommended)


  • Any grade 11 or 12 physics (C) or (U)

Program Delivery

This program will be delivered in the following terms:


Fall Term Start

For specific term start/end dates and other key dates/deadlines, please see the 2017-18 Academic Schedule which will be posted on our website in early 2017.

Program of Study

Every academic year, students are required to successfully complete an online Student Safety Regulations and General Safety Standards course.  This course must be completed prior to entering the labs (as identified in the table below) in the Schools of Skills Training, Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies.

Semester 1Credits
CAD 1002Electrical CAD 2
ELC 1004Prints Electrical Code I 3
ELC 1009Electrical Workplace Safety 2
ELC 1125Electrical Installation I 15
ELR 1121Electrical Fundamentals 16
ENG 1002College Communications 3
MTH 1152Electrical Math I 3
 Term Credits: 24
Semester 2
ELC 1211Electrical Installation II 15
ELC 1215Motor Control Fundamentals 4
ELC 1226Digital Electronics Theory 13
ELC 2308Prints Electrical Code II 3
INT 1004Intro to Instrumentation 2
MTH 1252Electrical Math II 3
The following General Education course:  3
Media and Current Events 3
 Term Credits: 23
 Total Credits: 47

 Course with Lab Component

Tuition and Ancillary Fees

Please see our fees page for the breakdown of tuition and mandatory ancillary fees by program and semester for both domestic and international students.

Books & Supplies

The cost of books and supplies for Year 1 is approximately $2,250. This is the best information available at the time of publishing to the website and is subject to change.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates may find employment as:

  • An apprentice residential, construction and maintenance or industrial electrician
  • An apprentice in the mechanical trades, such as heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.
Furthering Your Studies

Graduates of Cambrian's EETQ program may apply to enter directly into Semester 3 of the Electrical Engineering Technician - Industrial (EETN) program.  This is a competitive process.

Please note: Cambrian College strives to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. Please note that the academic curriculum is continually reviewed and revised to ensure that Cambrian's programs and courses remain relevant. The College reserves the right to cancel or make changes to any course or program, fee, procedure, or campus location at any time.

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